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Looking for a specific software solution combining and integrating different platforms? QAValue can develop it for you.

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Organizations need to implement software solutions that are a set of combined and integrated platforms. Each of these platforms is oriented to be used and respond to determined user scenarios and/or environments. QAValue builds horizontal and vertical software solutions based on multiple developing tools and environments integrating them in customized management platforms. Ranging from Web to Mobile and/or Progressive Web Applications, from APIs to fully Integration Apps and Robotic/Automation Development, QAValue is your partner either you want to start with an MVP or a Product/Project Development methodology. Our Technological Consulting and Project Management services help leverage the quality of the overall solution enabling covering all requirements.

Included Services

API Client/Server Development

Software solutions must be able to communicate between them. Leverage yours with a custom made API.

Web Application Development

Web Applications are computer programs that use a web browser to access the software which runs on a web server.

Desktop to Web Application Refactoring

Desktop to Web Refactoring enables desktop apps to evolve to up-to-date web platforms accessible from any location.

Integration Application Development

Integration Apps enable multi-vendor software systems to interact on a real-time basis, powering up the whole solution.

Middleware Application Development

Middleware Applications provide services to software solutions beyond those available on the operating system.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications are software apps specially built for mobile devices like smartphones and other digital assistants.

MVP Development

A Minimum Viable Product is a product version with a minimum set of features to receive feedback for future development.

PWA - Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications are software apps built with web technologies and used on any platform with a browser.

Robotic/Automation Application Development

Robotic/Automation Apps leverage productivity by learning and automatizing actions in business processes.

Project Management

Project Management is the process of leading the work of a team in a project, complying with the customer's objectives.

Tech Consulting

Technology Consulting helps organizations by advising on how to use IT in their businesses.

We Got You Covered

Leveraging our expertise in different industries, we have established robust software development mechanisms and practices geared to your specific business goals. We provide full-spectrum custom-made software solutions.
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