Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment, also known as Vulnerability Testing, is a test that assesses security risks in IT systems in order to minimise the possibility of threats, such as intruders gaining unauthorised access. QAVALUE uses a four-step methodology to identify existing vulnerabilities. First, information recollection; second, threat modelling; third, vulnerability analysis and finally, reporting. By doing so, QAVALUE covers the classes of vulnerabilities contained in the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), among other standards.

Based On

Infrastructure and network systems, operating systems, Desktop/Web/Mobile Applications, on cloud or on premises


White box
Gray box

Engineered by

Pen Tester
Security Auditor


  • Partial Knowledge of the System
  • Scope



Implementation Method

Manual & Automated

ISO Requirements

  • Product quality - Security

Tests Related

Tests Related

Included in Services

Included in Services

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