SIFIDE – R&D Services Provider

The Portuguese Innovation Agency - ANI (Agência Nacional de Inovação) has accredited QAVALUE as a company capable of developing IT R&D activities within the framework of SIFIDE projects.

About the Portuguese Tax Credit

SIFIDE intends to boost enterprises' competitiveness by supporting their R&D efforts by deducting a proportion of the corresponding R&D expenses from the IRC collection (in the share not reimbursed by the Portuguese State or European Funds).

You can verify our accreditation by contacting your sales representative or by email to [email protected].

How it benefits you

This accreditation allows our Portuguese clients to benefit from tax breaks and exemptions while participating in R&D activities with us, by reporting the expenses to the Portuguese government's R&D tax credit (SIFIDE).

For further details on the SIFIDE tax credit, click here.

Who is eligible to apply?

All IRC taxpayers who mainly engage in agricultural, industrial, commercial, or service activities may apply for this support programme if they meet two conditions: their taxable profit is not calculated indirectly, and they are not debtors to the Tax Authority and Social Security.

Take advantage of the SIFIDE Tax Credit with us as your IT partner.

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